Our products are used in a wide range of different industries and many different applications and processes. Undertanding these processes and applications is necessary to provide the best possible solutions for these industries.

Here are some examples:


In almost all commercial and passenger vehicles you will find products the WETEKAM | GROUP is able to provide.

Our monofilaments are used for example in the engine compartment where braided hoses of our product protects cables.

In the interior of the vehicle, our elastic yarns provide comfort in the seat. Our yarns also offer the protection and safety you need while it provides the solutions for air-bags and seat-belts.

Our product range is wide enough to also provide solutions for tires as tire-cord and meshes for sunroofs.


The Medical technology industry has very high standards and the WETEKAM | GROUP is able to meet these as we produce not only suture material, but also solutions for:

  • contraception
  • early diagnosis of diabetes
  • mandrin of indwelling catheters

In addition, catheters with or without tungsten fraction are being made with our products.


Monofilaments play a large role in many modern recreational activities:

Our monofilaments have been used for many years in applications such as tennis racket string. Where spin; power; comfort; feel; durability etc. are very important characteristics of a superior string.

We are also present in the worlds of soccer; baseball; football; rugby; field-hockey to name a few of the sports where athletes compete on artificial turf yarns produced by us. We pride ourselves that even the Superbowl has been played on turf produced by the WETEKAM|GROUP.

Increasingly more common are also golf courses where a combination of natural and artificial turf enhance playability.

Sports fishing is another different segment we play a role in. WETEKAM|FISH division has its own brand: Queen of Fishing Lines, which has been well established for many years now.

Scuba divers rely on air hoses which will not collapse or block. Our monofilaments provide solutions to ensure oxygen keeps flowing.

Maritime ropes for boating also rely on durability and strength of monofilaments produced by us.

Even rock climbers rely on strong and reliable ropes; straps; harnasses or tehters to ensure their safety and ability to scale peaks and mountain tops. The monofilaments produced by the WETEKAM|GROUP provide these solutions.


There are numerous application possibilities for our 3D mats. A very common one would be the yoga mat.

The WETEKAM|GROUP can offer the 3D products for many different solutions, including pressure relief for patients in hospitals or nursing homes. It could equally be made into mattress tops or other sleep or home furnishing components.

It provides comfort for professions where the person sits for hours on end (i.e. truck drivers). The 3D product provides a cooling effect due to air flowing freely and can be easily cleaned thus protecting against concentrations of harmful germs.

In a totally different field, the 3D product can be made stiff and hard enough for your perfect abrasion disk.

The 3D products also provide solutions for filtration; damping and shock absorption and insulation applications.


While we have listed some applications, we are already heavily involved in other products. We proudly play a role in when it comes to providing solutions for:

  • Carpets: edging / selvedge yarns
  • Fillers and cores of high-quality electrical cables
  • Narrow tape for pasture fences, decorative tapes and curtains
  • Geotextile fabrics
  • Texture for filtration, scaffold tarpaulins or transport belts
  • Poly baler twine
  • Pole in spacer fabrics
  • Tensioning wire for the agricultural industry
  • Hose and pipe coils
  • Artificial turf for gardens, playgrounds and public facilities