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Technical Monofilaments

Our technical monofilaments are made from a variety of polymers, with diameters ranging from 0.08 mm to 5.0 mm. You can choose from a wide selection of colors and stabilizers to meet your needs. We offer the following stabilizers: Antibacterial, UV stabilized, thermo-stabilized, antistatic, conductive, abrasion resistant, flameproof, hydrolysis resistant, dirt repellent and our newest option: anti-rodent.

We offer different cross-sections, e.g:

More about technical monofilaments 

weiße Monofile auf blauer Spule am Spulschrank
Medizinische Monofilamente


Healthcare products

Our monofilaments are also used to manufacture healthcare products. We meet the industry’s high-quality standards and are in continuous exchange with our customers striving to improve the health of people who depend on these medical products.



Fishing lines, tennis strings and more

From high-performance fishing lines that meet the requirements of experienced fishing enthusiasts to tennis strings that focus on precision and durability – our monofilament and 3D elements can be used in many areas of sport and leisure activities.

Our products are made of polyamide and dyneema. In addition, we offer leaders and leader-material, as well as braided lines made of high-molecular polyethylene. Our brand Queen of Fishing line has been established in the market for a number of years.

Angler mit Angelschnur, Angler mit Fischernetz und eine Person die einen Tennisschläger mit neuen Saiten bezieht


Artificial turf yarns

In our production facility, we manufacture artificial turf yarns using a diverse range of polymers. We offer a variety of cross-sections, including C-profiles, diamond and propellers. We can make additional adjustments to suit our customers’ needs, such as UV protection or matting.

With our in-house twisting facility and texturing options, we set standards in the versatility and quality of our products.



Our 3D mats are made from different polymers and plastomers and are customizable to your needs. Choose between a high level of comfort with flexible and elastic material properties or a firm, structural format. We enable a variety of combinations of structural parameters, including different volumes, densities, compression hardness and surface properties. What makes our 3D elements so special is their recyclability, easy cleaning, and remarkable robustness.

Monofilamente 3D
Sechs Plexiglas Gefäße auf einem Tisch die den Verlauf des Recylcingprozesses darstellen

In-House Recycling Solutions

Thanks to our in-house recycling solution, we can effectively reintegrate your waste streams into the production process. We offer to take back and process sorted monofilament waste into granulate. The distinctive feature of this is that we can carefully monitor and control the viscosity, resulting in a regranulate with the same technical properties.
With our expertise in the processing of bio-based and biodegradable plastics, we are taking a significant step towards sustainable plastics processing.

Sechs Spulen mit glänzend silbernen Monofilen

Bobbin Management

As the production of technical monofilaments and artificial turf yarns would not work without winding, the WETEKAM Group also has a broad portfolio in this area. The bobbin assortment provides an overview of the most frequently used bobbin types.

Our reusable bobbins help to reduce waste!

If you cannot find the bobbin type you require in the overview, simply click on “Can’t find a bobbin type?” and contact us. We are happy to help.

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