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Behind the WETEKAM | GROUP stands Dr.Karl Wetekam & Co. KG, which is the Group’s largest legal entity. Besides many subsidiaries, it defines the legal framework and forms the core of the group.

Dr. Karl Wetekam & Co. KG is considered a traditional German family-owned business, with currently, three generations of the Wetekam family who represent the company.

Even among staff there are many examples of second and third generation working at the company and making a true commitment to its continued growth.

It is this family-owned structures which ensures a sustainable business understanding, based on a long-term and sound economical footprint, which characterize the WETEKAM | GROUP.

Through continuous innovation; expansion and transfer of knowledge and a relentless customer focus, the Wetekam Group has been growing steadily since its founding and has taken a leading role as Monofilament manufacturer in Europe and in the world.

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“We focus on continuous growth ever since the founding of this company. As part of this expansion strategy, we in turn rely on our employees continuously improving their skills. Internal training programs are an integral part of our culture to achieve this and the emphasis is on meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations.”.

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1965 - The company founding

The company Dr. Karl Wetekam & Co. was founded in 1965 by Dr. Karl Wetekam (Senior). Its first production site was in Edermünde – Grifte. A strong interest in high-quality and innovative plastic yarns emerged among customers and has motivated us ever since to grow.


Five years after its founding, the company moved to its new headquarters in Melsungen. In the years following, expansion continued. Besides investments in equipment and infrastructure, also the acquisition of other related companies in the USA, England, Switzerland and Germany contributed to further growth.


In the year 1993, Karl Wetekam, today’s CEO, joins the company.


The company founder Dr. Karl Wetekam hands over management to his son Karl Wetekam. That same year, the company takes over the equipment of competitor Monofil Technology Ltd. with headquarters in the UK.


Modernization and further expansion of the original production site for manufacturing of high-quality plastic yarns was completed. The integrated twisting department adds to the processing options and guarantees the customer diversified products of high-quality from one source.


An opportunity presented itself in the USA whereby already local equipment was acquired and upgrades to our standards. The equipment increased our capacity and enables us to further differentiation from our competitors.


The North American markets have traditionally been serviced from Germany. But it were our customers who have suggested to have a local presence. We have listened and taken action to make this a fact. The United States was the logical next step. The production site in Dandridge, TN is now closer to all its current and future customers demanding a more local proximity to their production facilities.


The continuous growth and expansion leads automatically to a repositioning of our vision to becoming more globally focused with a stronger local presence; technical support and customer service.

From now on, the company operates under the name: WETEKAM | GROUP.

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