Flexibility and scalable capacity offer the possibility to manufacture product batches from 150 kg to 1,000 tonnes. Besides other strengths, it is this flexibility that gives us an enormous competitive edge.

Innovative Capacity

In development projects we focus on innovative and customer specific solutions. Finding solutions to complex customer requirements are part of our daily challenge and are a core competence of our business.

“You have an innovative product idea? You have a design in mind and do not know whether and how you can implement it? You have a material requirement that is not reached by the standards?”

Our employees will be happy to take your call – competent project managers will help you realise your product wishes.


Our broad manufacturing capabilities meet the vast requirements of customers in different branches of industry. Modern plant engineering coupled with a reliable production infrastructure allows us to work flexible and fulfill customers’ requirements to the highest quality standards.

At our production sites, we have more than 20 extrusion lines that are capable of running a large variety of materials and product batches. The manufactured monofilaments primarily move on a scale from 0.07 mm to 6.0 mm. Furthermore, the production site has its own doubling mill with many different yarn and texturing systems available.


Technical monofilaments and artificial turf yarns are made of thermoplastic polymers. Here, the polymer that is adjusted to the customer’s wishes is melted in an extruder, the melted mass is pressed through nozzles there, the spinning profile is set and thermoset according to requirements, and then lastly wound up.

Monofilaments are made of thermoplastic polymers. These polymers, but also the actual monofilaments, can be modified over a very broad range in terms of their chemical and technological characteristics, as well as in production and thereby be aligned on the special requirements of the particular item to be manufactured.


Dr. Karl Wetekam & Co. KG is able to process a wide spectrum of polymers and additives.

This includes generally known materials such as:

PA 6.0/6.6PTMTRandom-PP LDPE
PA 6.10 Coblock-PPLLDPE 
PA 6.12    
PA 12   

But also special types of polyethylene or other exotic materials are included, for example:


In addition to stabilising agents for:

  • UV-resistance, fire-resistance or hydrolysis stability

We are processing all these components together into a monofile as demanded by our customers.

The following link leads to the conversion table that contains an overview of the parameters of the various materials:

These are technical terms that most people do not know right away. If you have questions about the list or special wishes for materials, please do not hesitate to contactus using the contact button below.

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