Technical Monofilaments

What are technical monofilaments and in which areas are they used?

Technische Monofile befinden sich zum Beispiel in Anschnall-Gurten wie auf dem Bild zu sehen

The Wetekam | Group is specialized in the production of technologically sophisticated monofilaments. Technical monofilaments are used as components in the automotive industry, in filtration systems, sports and leisure industry, artificial turf yarns and in medical technology. Our customers have the highest expectations regarding the quality of our technical monofilaments.

In more than 50 years of monofilament development and production, we have gained a wealth of expertise that enables us to design technical monofilaments exactly according to our customers’ requirements. Particular emphasis is placed, for instance, on the diameter and the cross-section of the technical monofilament.

Properties such as tensile strength and elongation are of crucial importance to technical monofilaments. The broad range of properties which are designed into our monofilaments are made possible by the application of a wide range of different raw materials and additives. These include polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene and polyamide.

An important segment within our company is the development and production of artificial turf yarns. Depending on the field of application, whether in the area of professional sports or your private landscape at home, we are always faced with new challenges to develop a suitable technical monofilament which meets the individual requirements of the various possible applications.

Safety plays a crucial role for us in the application of safety belts in cars or airplanes. Before our products leave the factory, the technical monofilaments are put through rigorous testing. The margins for tensile strength, elongation and, for example, diameter, are very narrow and precisely matched to the requirements of our customers. We take our role in safety very seriously in the value chain of automotive products and strive for further perfection in the production of technical monofilaments in cooperation with our customers.

Technische Monofile im Fußball - Bild von Fußballer auf Kunstrasen auf dem technische Monofile eingesetzt werden

What makes the Wetekam | Group stand out in the monofilament industry?

The Wetekam | Group is a modern family-owned business. Due to the flat structure of the organization there is a proximity to our employees, which enables us to continuously improve lean processes in our company, which in turn makes us flexible and nimble in this fast-moving market of technical monofilaments. The Wetekam | Group is actively shaping the market in Europe and North America. Through intelligent investment strategies, we aim to expand our company into other regions of the world.

We are characterized by our high-quality standards. We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations, and attach great importance to long-term customer relationships and close cooperation in the development of technical monofilaments. We can only achieve this by working at the highest level of quality and thus proving to our customers that we are a credible partner in the world of technical monofilaments.

With a solid financing structure in our company, we traditionally attach great importance to healthy growth. Through intelligent investments, not only in the area of technical monofilaments, we want to position our Group for future challenges. In addition to investments in the artificial turf industry, in medical technology and in manufacturing tennis strings and fishing lines, we want to contribute to further customer proximity by establishing new divisions in the vertical process of the technical monofilament value chain. In addition, we want greater sustainability by recycling technical monofilaments in-house and at the same time contribute to the high quality of our products by ensuring that we process purest recycles as additives to raw materials into technical monofilaments.

Even after 50 years of production experience, we still do not see ourselves at the end of development. Especially in times when more sustainability is demanded worldwide in the plastics industry and the market for technical monofilaments, we see ourselves in a position to work even more intensively on innovation and efficiency in order to maintain and expand our solid position in the market as a reliable partner for our customers.

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