It is our mission to be the leading monofilament manufacturer in the market and actively develop innovations together with our customers. The WETEKAM | GROUP and its affiliated companies, which are owner-managed family-enterprises, are reliable partners for customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

To accelerate the expansion of the global business activity further, we rely on the following core principles:

Close cooperation with our customers based on the exact understanding of the customer’s requirements and needs.


Keeping the highest quality standards in all processes.


Development of customer-specific products and solutions that permit the customer to lift itself from the competition.

Using flat organizations to ensure prompt service.


Slide Andy Wenderoth

“The friendly basis on which our customer relationships are based has in some cases grown over decades. I am very keen to maintain this relationship and not to disappoint business partners because of the prospect of quick profits.”

Andy Wenderoth, Deputy Managing Director, WETEKAM | GROUP
Slide Karl Wetekam

“The competencies of Dr. Karl Wetekam & Co. KG are multifaceted and enable us to serve customers from different industries in the best possible way.”

Karl Wetekam, Owner & CEO, WETEKAM | GROUP